June 15, 2024

Poland’s Ambition: Hosting a Biathlon World Cup Stage

Following the successful hosting of the European Junior Biathlon Championships this winter, the Jakuszyce site in Poland is aspiring to organize a World Cup stage in the near future.

The Jakuszyce sports center, situated in the district of Szklarska Poręba, has emerged as a significant venue, with significant investments totaling nearly 250 million zloty (around 58 million euros) aimed at enhancing its facilities and acquiring licenses to host larger events. Located in the Lower Silesia region, Jakuszyce boasts a unique climate, with snow cover lasting up to 150 days annually, reminiscent of the Alps.

With aspirations to follow in the footsteps of neighboring countries like Estonia and Latvia, which have successfully integrated into the biathlon World Cup circuit, Poland aims to elevate its status in the sport. The region has previously hosted cross-country skiing World Cup events in 2012 and 2014, featuring victories by local star Justyna Kowalczyk.

Efforts to upgrade the sports center in Jakuszyce have been well-received, garnering praise from Olle Dahlin, the president of the International Biathlon Union (IBU). The development project has obtained a B license, enabling it to apply for prestigious events such as senior European championships, junior world championships, and the IBU Cup.

However, the journey towards hosting a Biathlon World Cup stage is expected to be a multi-year investment process. Discussions are underway regarding the transfer of land ownership for the expansion of high-performance tracks, a necessary step for the project’s advancement. While the completion of the Jakuszyce project, including the installation of an artificial snow system and the expansion of cross-country ski trails, may take four to five years, Poland is diligently working towards its goal of hosting the Biathlon World Cup by 2030.

In conclusion, Poland’s ambition to host a Biathlon World Cup stage reflects its commitment to enhancing its presence in winter sports and providing top-notch facilities for athletes and spectators alike.



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