May 25, 2024

Dorothea Wierer’s Return to Biathlon World Cup: Coach Offers Reassurance

After a month-long absence from the Biathlon World Cup, Italian biathlete Dorothea Wierer is set to return to competition in her home town of Antholz, Italy. Wierer’s recent form has been affected by repeated illnesses, leading to concerns about her health and performance. However, her coach, Alexander Inderst, is reassuring about her current state.

Inderst states that Wierer is in good spirits, having trained well in recent days, and her form has been evolving positively. He acknowledges that Wierer had to learn how to handle the situation but emphasizes her resilience and determination. Inderst points out that Wierer is the type of person who consistently gives her best, evident in her remarkable career with minimal race absences.

Wierer’s return to competition comes with uncertainty regarding her performances, given the challenges she faced in recent months. Inderst acknowledges that while Wierer is generally competitive, the extent to which she can compete with the best on the circuit remains to be seen. He notes that Wierer has prepared specifically for the upcoming event in Antholz, but without recent races, it is challenging to determine her standing compared to other athletes.

The coach mentions the altitude factor, with Antholz being located at 1,642 meters above sea level, making it the highest stadium on the Biathlon World Cup circuit this winter. Inderst suggests that Italy might have a slight advantage due to frequent training in Antholz, but acclimatization remains crucial.

The competitions will take place in the South Tyrol Arena at the foot of the impressive Rieserferner mountain range. Antholz remains one of the most popular locations on the circuit among athletes and the biathlon competitions of the 2026 Winter Olympics will be held in Antholz

In addition to Wierer, the Italian team can rely on strong performers like Lisa Vittozzi and Tommaso Giacomel, who showed promising form in recent competitions. Inderst expresses hope that key athletes, including Lukas Hofer, Didier Bionaz, Patrick Braunhofer, and Rebecca Passler, will shine in the upcoming World Cup stage.

The Biathlon World Cup in Antholz will feature short individual races on Thursday and Friday, with only 45 seconds added per miss instead of the normal 60 seconds, to compensate for the races being shorter than normal individuals. A mixed relay and single mixed relay will be held on Saturday, and two mass starts on Sunday. The Italian team enters the competition with confidence and anticipation as they compete on home soil.



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