May 25, 2024

Lucas Moura intends to return to Brazilian football in the near future

For Tottenham fans, cult heroes come in all shapes and sizes. From the grafters who won hearts and minds with effort to the mercurial stars to the derby heroes, Spurs fans know all about cult heroes. Few players, though, inspire the same dewy-eyed romance for a Spurs fan as Lucas Moura. How else can fans feel about a player who more or less single-handedly sent them to their only UEFA Champions League Final?

However, good things must always come to an end, and the 29-year-old has made clear that he would like to see an end to his Spurs career at the end of his contract. At the moment, Moura’s contract runs until 2023. The 29-year-old has been rejuvenated under Nuno Espirito Santo, starting two of three games in the league so far and coming off the substitutes bench in another. As such, he looks more important than he ever did under Jose Mourinho.

Since arriving for Spurs in January 2018, Moura has slowly but surely won the hearts and minds of Spurs fans. A hat-trick in Amsterdam to complete an incredible UCL turnaround, though, will leave him up there with one of the most beloved players in modern memory. Fans, though, might need to get used to the fact that he is likely to only be here for another two years at the most.

Why? Because the player is keen on heading back to Brazil. He made his name at Sao Paulo, one of the biggest clubs in South American football. Afterwards, he made his move to Paris Saint-Germain, becoming a key player of the early QSI era and playing a role in establishing PSG as a genuine world force in football. Now, his heart is set on a romantic return home.

What did Lucas Moura say about returning to Brazil?

In an interview with ESPN, Moura was quoted as saying: “It’s in my plans to go back to Brazil, back to Sao Paulo… I never hid it from anyone, I never hid the affection and love I feel for Sao Paulo,

“When I left Sao Paulo I said I wanted to stay for 10 years in Europe. Come rain, come shine, my goal, my plan is to stay 10 years.

“I do have a plan to go back to Sao Paulo. I want to feel again what it’s like to play at Morumbi, wear that shirt, the club of my heart. But I still have wood to burn. I’m feeling very good physically,”

However, whilst some might worry that this signs that he will be checking out mentally, Moura was quick to assuage any such fears by saying: “I’m playing in a big league, in a big club. I have the goal of winning a title with Tottenham, which I haven’t achieved yet. I still have some goals to achieve here.”

Given his trophy-laden career in Brazil and then in France, signing off in North London with a rare, much-desired trophy would be another way to cement a famous legacy in white.



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