July 19, 2024

Patrick Bamford eyeing up Ireland call after England sub

For Leeds United fans, it has been a long time since there has been a transformation quite like Patrick Bamford. The forward signed with the club in 2018, and in his early time with the club was seen as a talented, if profligate, striker. He missed crucial chances, seemed to go missing in the big games, and generally went on patchy streaks. However, as his second full season took place, Leeds fans soon realised just how good a player they had on their hands.

Having worked so hard to convince Leeds fans he was their required striker; Bamford has slowly but surely shown his quality at the very highest level. He has become a key part of the Leeds team which has taken the Premier League by storm, scoring a highly impressive 17 league goals – his joint-best career tally – and setting up numerous more. However, despite all of his hard work at Elland Road, an England call-up has yet to be forthcoming.

It is believed the 27-year-old hoped his electric end to the season would earn him a call-up to the training camp ahead of UEFA Euro 2020. However, he has been snubbed entirely by Gareth Southgate and now reports suggest that Bamford won’t wait around any longer. He has taken the hint – England do not see him as the talent they need. And so another country – most likely the Republic of Ireland – will benefit from his inclusion in the side.

Reports suggest that Bamford will now give up on his hope of getting a game with England, and instead will focus his attentions on an international call-up from the Republic of Ireland. Long linked with a call-up for the national side, Bamford might now make clear he wants  change.

Why is Patrick Bamford ignored at international level?

Good question – sadly, the only person with a truthful answer is the England manager. Despite showing his clear quality in the Championship and now the top-flight, any talk of a call-up for Bamford has fallen on deaf ears. Despite being rated as one of the best strikers in the league in the 2020-21 season, Bamford has not even been given a chance of an opportunity.

With the squad called up by Southgate already making space for players to be dropped and contingencies, the fact Bamford is not part of a provisional 33-man squad is shocking. Were Ireland playing at the Euros, he might already have made clear his intentions. However, with no tournament to take up his summer, it might not be until the post-summer call-ups that we see Bamford listed on an Ireland team sheet.

Despite making a huge level of progress in his time at the club, Bamford has clearly not done enough to convince Southgate for a call-up. Without enough media backing, too, it is hard for a player to pressure the manager into a call-up. Well, it looks like this loss will be all of England’s to deal with as Bamford jets off to play for another international side.



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