July 19, 2024

Juventus set to hand Romanian wonderkid new long-term contract

As one of the most promising central defenders in Europe, Romanian wonderkid Radu Drăgușin has fans all across the sport. Having stepped up very quickly to a high, demanding level, Drăgușin made a big impression with the third division ‘B’ team of Juventus, getting regular game time at a competitive level very quickly. So much so was his integration, though, that Drăgușin was given games in the first-team at Juventus under new coach Andrea Pirlo.

Despite his deal being up in the summer of 2020, then move to give Drăgușin games was seen as a way to convince one of the most exciting young defenders in the world to stick around and stay patient. Apparently building his game on the way that Virgil van Dijk plays, Juventus were keen to keep the youngster around as a long-term replacement for their veteran defensive unit. Drăgușin has already played four games in the first-team for the Turin team and has started to really impress the first-team coaching staff.

So much so that a new deal with Juve is now in the pipeline, expected to tie the player down to the club long-term – and with the promise of future first-team involvement at a higher level. This is seen as an intriguing move for Juve, who are committing to a minor rebuild of their talent to come back in the future and continue development. With many older players in the squad, including headline names such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Juventus are keen to bring in a ‘next generation’ who can learn from their elite stars prior to retirement.

One name who already fits this role is Weston McKennie, the US international on loan from Schalke 04 who has now signed with Juventus on permanent terms.

Will Drăgușin sign his new Juventus deal?

The only flaw in the plan for Juventus is whether or not the young Romanian will even sign the deal. Despite making clear that he wished to compete alongside Cristiano Ronaldo himself, the Romanian might wish to keep getting regular game time. Teams in Germany, including RB Leipzig, have been linked with offering the player lucrative terms, a long-term deal, and a pathway to step-up into the first team.

Juventus, then, might need to hand out some more minutes in the first team if they wish to convince one of their most exciting young talents to stick around and sign for Juventus. Challenges exist when it comes to signing players and keeping them at a superclub given the challenges that come in finding game time for young talent. Drăgușin, though, has been earmarked as a player who Juventus see as someone who can play a role in the present and the future.

For the Romanian, though, the deal must be right – and it must make sure that the first team does not become a blocked pathway. As one of the most exciting players in the European game, and the most exciting talent in Romania, there is pressure for Drăgușin to make good on his immense potential.



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