April 17, 2024

Liverpool relying on Thiago Alcantara to wait for transfer

When a player the quality of Thiago Alcantara comes up on the market, it’s are that any team would say no to the player. However, players of such standard tend to pick their future employer as opposed to the club picking them – and it looks like Thiago has his heart set on a move to England, specifically Liverpool. However, with a year left to go on his contract, the fee of around €30m is expected to be out of the reach of the English giants – for now.

The reports from Europe suggest that FC Bayern won’t entertain offers and discussions until Saturday and their UEFA Champions League Final with Paris Saint-Germain. This might mean that we see a rather interesting stand-off as player and clubs wait for one another to make the move. The idea emerging from England is that Liverpool are waiting for one of two things – an acceptable offer for one of their own midfielders, or Thiago to force through the move and thus reduce the price.

While €30m is peanuts for a player of such quality, Liverpool have already missed out on one stand-out target this summer in Timo Werner due to the cost. The Merseyside giants appear to have been particularly impacted by the COVID-19 crisis, and this could see opportunities for big signings harder to come by.

For now, though, it looks like Thiago is set on a move to Anfield – if he can wait longer.



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