June 16, 2024

Felipe Anderson on the market with West Ham

Nobody can say that making football predictions are easy.

Having been one of the many ‘marquee’ signings made by West Ham United in the recent post-Boleyn Ground era, Felipe Anderson was supposed to be a game-changer. Instead, the Brazilian has provided moments of class mixed with moments of total lackadaisical lack of effort. Having put in Man of the Match performances one week before being anonymous the next, it appears that patience has run out.

Anderson signed from Lazio and has watched his current team stagnate while his previous employers challenge for honours and compete in Europe. West Ham were sold an exciting goal scorer who could take them to the next level; Anderson was sold an upwardly mobile London outfit with ambitions of playing at the top of the Premier League. So far, it would be fair to say that both sides have not had their end of the bargain fulfilled.

This has led to the player being put on the market regardless of what happens. If West Ham were to go down, his price would become even lower. At the moment, though, an inconsistent season and a willingness to make the exit means that West Ham would be doing well to bring in the funds they would have expected.

Upon arrival in England, the expectation was that both player and club would grow together. Instead, both player and club have gone back the way and it would appear that there is a mutual desire to break free and start afresh for both parties.



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