January 19, 2021

Marketa Davidova profile

Marketa Davidova, Makulaa among friends, is one of the most talented biathletes of her generation.

She picked up the gold medal in the pursuit of the 2018 World Junior Championship in Otepaa (Estonia) after getting silver behind Poland’s Kamilla Zuk in the sprint.

Her World Cup breakthrough came when she finished 3rd in the Indiviudal in Pokljuka on December 6th 2018.

She followed this up by winning the sprint in Antholz on January 24th 2019.

And getting 2nd behind Laura Dahlmeier in the Mass Start three days later.

She moved in to the red jersey as she took the lead of the Individual part of the World Cup when finishing 2nd in the shortened individual in Canmore (Canada).

Eventually she finished the year in third place in the small Individual Crystal Bowl competition and 21st in the Overall World Cup standing.

Together with her team mates, Eva Kristejn Puskarcikova, Ondrej Moravec and Michal Krcmar, she won a bronze medal in the mixed relay during the World Championship in Antholz in February 2020. The Czech team shot very well, with both Davidova and Moravec not missing a single target.

Makulaa’s greatest strength as a biathlete is her impressive skiing speed. This is probably because she started doing Cross Country skiing and switched to Biathlon in 2010. Even if she is still a comparatively young athlete she is already among the fastest skiers in the women’s World Cup circuit.

One area where she has room for improvement is her shooting. Her accuracy for the 19/20 season of almost 80% is not at all bad, but most of the athletes who finished above her, shoots even more accurate. Furthermore Davidova will often give away some time with her shooting speed.

Her rifle is catching the eye as it is decorated with unicorns in bright colours. This makes sense as her hobby since even before her teenage years has been to ride horses.

In 2019 Davidova received a bachelor’s degree in animal sciences, which she had studied for at the Czech University of Life Sciences.

The YouTube channel of IBU TV did a 20/20 interview in Nove Mesto with her as she was one of the athletes most people voted to have them interview.

During the interview Marketa, tells that she is still studying, really likes porridge and that if she got stuck on an island and could choose three biathletes to have with her, she would choose her good friend and roommate while traveling on the World Cup circuit, Eva Kristejn Puskarcikova. And maybe also the Boe brothers as they could need some strong men to take care of them and maybe catch some animals to eat 😉



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