May 25, 2024

Arsenal set to lose Matteo Guendouzi

As one of the most polarising players in the English top flight, Matteo Guendouzi has created numerous headlines since he first arrived on the scene. The 21-year-old has been a prominent part of the Arsenal team since arriving, but inconsistency in his game and immature decisions on and off the pitch has cast doubt on whether he’ll make good on his obvious talent.

Guendouzi, though, is reportedly being linked with a big money exit from the club. At only 21, he’s got ample room to develop and improve on the less savoury side of his game. With Arsenal likely needing cash for a summer rebuild, though, it’s reported that Guendouzi could be the one sacrificed to try and make some funds available for Mikel Arteta.

The calibre of clubs being linked with the Frenchman, including Paris Saint-Germain and Real Madrid, shows that his talent is not in question. Should Arsenal decide to evolve their squad, it’s likely that talent like Guendouzi while need to be moved on if they cannot again find a buyer for players such as Mesut Ozil.

Guendouzi wants to also try and raise his profile enough to gain regular attention for the French national team, which is believed to be harder by staying at Arsenal. Given the players in competition for his spot in the national side, a move to a more high profile club could be needed if he wishes to put himself back into the thinking of Didier Deschamps.



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