May 25, 2024

Premier League looking at ambitious TV plan

With the English Premier League set to make some kind of return in the near(ish) future, there has been much talk of how it would be viewed. Large swathes of people either do not have major TV platforms like Sky, or have since cancelled during the COVID-19 outbreak. However, the Premier League looks to have found a clear plan for the season to return to: a range of televised games for the rest of the season more akin to an international tournament.

The aim is to get the league running by 12th June, and TV companies are seemingly onboard with the idea. The first night to be filled with a game will be Friday night, with Friday Night Football set to see a likely fixture such as Tottenham Hotspur against Manchester United.

The idea is for games to be played Friday to Monday, with the schedule continuing like this along the season. Sky Sports will show three of the games, and BT Sports will show another. So, fans who are craving a return to the pitch will be happy to know that it looks like we’ll have plenty of games on TV.

With fans unable to go and watch their team in the flesh, more games will have to be put on TV to give everyone a chance to watch their team. Expect television to play a major role in getting football back to a sense of normality in the weeks and months ahead.



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