April 17, 2024

Perry Olsson the solution to the Swedish wax issues?

Several Swedish cross country skiers were unhappy with the waxing of their skis last season. During the season break there have been big changes to the Swedish cross country service team. Petter Myhlback has replaced Anders Niemi as the head of the team, but continuity is ensured as Anders Niemi will remain part of the wax team.

Now the best ski technician in the world, according to 13 time world champion Petter Northug, has moved from the Norwegian service team to the Swedish team.

The former main service man of both Petter Northug and Marit Bjoergen is expected to provide a needed boost to the Swedish team. Considering the overall changes in the Swedish service team, we think there are good reasons for optimism among the Swedish athletes.

In a press release the Swedish native Olsson, exclaimed that it feels good to return to the Swedish team after having worked more than 25 years as a ski technician for the US, Norwegian and Swedish teams.



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