May 25, 2024

Too tight World Cup race for the IBU?

One of the greatest biathletes of all time, Martin Fourcade, received a pleasant surprise recently. Having lost an exceptionally tight race for the overall World Cup 2019-2020 to Johannes Thingnes Bø by a mere two points. Martin Fourcade was sent the large crystal bowl, the winner’s trophy for the overall World Cup, by the IBU.

Joking to the paper L’Equipe, Martin Fourcade described receiving the trophy as a nice surprise.

The rightful winner, Johannes Thingnes Bø, has been informed about the mistake and that his trophy is now on its way. He jokingly told the Norwegian daily Dagbladet, that he will need to quarantine the trophy when he receives it due to the Covid19 pandemic.

Having won five Olympics gold medals, 13 world championship gold medals as well as the overall world cup seven times, Martin Fourcade retired at the end of last season.



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